"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." ​​-Aesop
What are your expectations of me?
I expect you to present my gift at the commencement of each appointment. Payment should be submitted promptly at the start of our time together by placing it discreetly in an open envelope in the powder room. If we are in public, please be discreet and use an envelope or a small gift bag. I expect that you be a gentleman at all times. To make our date as enjoyable as possible, please be well groomed, freshly showered, and have minty-fresh breath.

Are your rates negotiable?
I am not for the budget or bargain hunting hobbyist. I am a luxury companion, and my rates are not negotiable. Louis Vuitton does not go on sale, and neither do I.

What methods of gift/donation do you accept?
I accept only cash at this time.

What is Nuru massage?
I am not a trained masseuse, but I have quickly become an eager and skilled practitioner of Nuru. 

Nuru massage is an ancient Japanese artistic style of erotic slide massage. The Japanese word "nuru" signifies "slippery." The technique involves using nothing but Nuru gel and bare skin. This massage is a full body-to-body sensual massage performed among two nude individuals with a special gel made with nori seaweed and chamomile azulene, which has detoxifying properties. It increases the peripheral circulation of the skin while also increasing flexibility and softness. Lastly, it restores healthiness to sensitive skin suffering from inflammation and irritation.

Why haven't you responded?
With my day job and personal life, my time is limited; it is difficult for me to respond right away. Please be patient. I personally read each and every email I receive and only respond to serious inquiries. 

Why do you need my personal information?
I completely respect how nerve-racking it can be to pass along personal information to a stranger. I want to assure you that I go out of my way to respect your privacy, wishes, and boundaries. I am the only person who will be corresponding with you, and our emails will be promptly deleted; no screening information or other personal information you provide will be kept past our first date. On the flip side, safety is a huge concern for me, and safety requires adequate screening. I ask that you keep this in mind when you are requested to provide personal information. I also ask that you respect my need for security as well as my own personal need for privacy as much as I respect yours.

Why are your rates different from other companions?
This is not my full-time job; therefore, I can be particular with whom I decide to spend my time. I take great pleasure in establishing stimulating and exceedingly memorable encounters. Our time together is an experience, not a session.

What will you wear on our date?
I have a beautiful wardrobe of all different styles (conservative, fashionable, casual, etc.), and I always dress appropriately. Rest assured that while I may turn some heads, I will never be out of place wherever we meet.

Can I bring you a present? 
Conducting yourself like a true gentleman at all times is the best gift you can give me. However, if you have an unforgettable time with me, and you feel compelled to bestow a special gift upon me the next time we meet, you can browse some ideas  here .

Do you have reviews?
Yes. I am always thrilled to receive feedback regarding our time together. However, for privacy reasons, I do not encourage reviews. If you are so inclined, please be discreet in the details that you share. After all, some things should remain between lovers; don’t you agree?
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